Return Policy

Any tile, edging, or non-special order slab can be returned within 14 days. No questions asked.

We didn’t think we had to put this in writing but after some online complaints we have to make it explicity clear – broken stone will not be accepted for returns. If you picked up a slab from us and 2 weeks later it was somehow broken, we will not take it back. We’ll work with you on getting a replacement as we’re very reasonable people, but please don’t expect a refund on broken stone – it just won’t happen.

No refunds on any custom stone orders.

Prebuilt cabinets with original packing materials can be returned within 14 days. If only the countertop was opened, the vanity will be accepted within 14 days. Without original packing materials vanities are subject to a 20% restocking fee. If there is damaged the vanity could be refused or subject to a higher restocking fee.

Cabinets that we assemble – 50% restocking fee on Monickers, Conifers, Aqua, and Eurofit. All other brands we do not stock here and cannot accept the returns. Manufacturers do not accept returns.

No toilets will be accepted for return. No exceptions.

Granite damaged in shipping
Due to the nature of the product and the mode of transportation, sometimes a couple chipped / broken tiles are unavoidable. Getting loaded from truck to truck, vibrating, and shifting for 1000 miles can result in some chipped tiles regardless of much effort we put into packaging the granite for you. If you receive some chipped tiles, keep in mind that you’re probably going to be cutting several tiles. You can set those aside and cut off the broken portion so that it won’t affect your usage at all. If you want to open a claim with the freight carrier for compensation you must mark damage on the  elivery receipt. While you’re unloading the granite, it’s easy to spot any damage. Most folks find that it usually isn’t worth the bureaucracy of opening a freight claim for 2-3 tiles. Regardless, we’re happy to help you in the process.

Cabinets damaged in shipping
If you want to open a claim with the freight carrier for compensation you must mark damage on the delivery receipt. If you see so little as a scratch on the box. Point it out to the driver and mark on the box. It is extremely difficult and in some cases impossible to open a claim with the carrier if the freight has not been marked damaged. If it looks like somone at the freight company was having too much fun on the forklift and rammed a pair of forks through the crate, this warrants a refusal of the shipment. When you refuse the shipment it gets sent back to us (at no cost to you). Before it comes back to us the freight carrier inspects it for damage. Once we receive it, we can refund you or ship it out again. Please keep in mind that if a rejected shipment has little or no damage and you refused it because you changed your mind on the color you will be charged for transportation both ways.

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