Our mirrors come in several styles including solid birch framed mirrors, hand carved solid ash framed mirrors, frameless designer mirrors, and hand crafted melted glass framed mirrors.

The mirrors and frames come in several finishes, including clear, black glass, blue glass, and several wood finishes including natural, walnut, and almond, and several painted finishes including black, white, and olive.

With over 150 options, no matter what your space needs, we have the mirror you need in-stock and ready for you to pick up and install today!

Monicker / Conifer Wood Framed Mirrors

Monicker / Conifer Wood Framed Mirror Sizes & Pricing

24″ x 32″ – $79

30″ x 32″ – $89

36″ x 32″ – $99

42″ x 32″ – $119

48″ x 32″ – $129

54″ x 32″ – $139

60″ x 32″ – $149

66″ x 32″ – $159

Arch-Top Wood Framed Mirrors

Arch-Top Wood Framed Mirror Sizes & Pricing

24″ x 35″ – $79

30″ x 36″ – $89

35″ x 37″ – $99

42″ x 38″ – $119

47″ x 39″ – $139

Monicker / Conifer Mirror Cabinets

Monicker / Conifer Mirror Cabinet Sizes & Pricing

24″ x 32″ – $159

30″ x 32″ – $175

36″ x 32″ – $210

42″ x 32″ – $245

48″ x 32″ – $279

Aqua / Eurofit Mirror Cabinets

Aqua / Eurofit Mirror Cabinet Sizes & Pricing

Black & White Finish

24″ x 32″ – $129

30″ x 32″ – $149

36″ x 32″ – $179

48″ x 32″ – $229

Walnut Finish

24″ x 32″ – $159

30″ x 32″ – $179

36″ x 32″ – $219

48″ x 32″ – $279

Frameless Designer Mirrors


Mirrors, Mirror Cabinets and Above Toilet Cabinets

Mark the center of the wall over the vanity or toilet at 62” and 72” off the floor and draw a faint line with a pencil.  The bottom of the mirror should sit between 8” to 13” above the vanity top.  This will depend on personal preferences.  

Measure the distance between the mounting bracket holes on the mirror and the bottom of the mirror.  Add the spacing dimension from the vanity top to the bottom of the mirror, to the distance of the mounting bracket holes from the bottom of the mirror.  Use this dimension from the vanity top to mark your hole locations on the wall for height.  Make this mark on the right and left side of the vanity roughly at 70” off of the floor.  

Now use a piece of masking tape and run it over from one mounting bracket hole to the other and pull taught.  Use a pencil or pen to poke the holes in the masking tape to mark the hole locations and mark the tape at the center between the brackets.  Gently remove the tape in one piece and place it on the wall using the height and center marks you made before.  

Use a pen or pencil to mark through the tape onto the wall.  These are your mounting locations.  It is a good idea to double check with a tape measure that these marks are accurate.  Use a drill bit that is appropriate for the size of screw and anchor you are using.  If you do not hit studs within the wall it is advisable to use wall anchors.  

Note:  The mirror cabinet and toilet cabinets do not have mounting brackets.


How to clean

The mirrors should be cleaned with a soft micro-fiber towel or soft terry cloth towel and a glass cleaner for regular cleaning.  The idea is to cut any grease or grime on the mirror without creating any scratches which can come from cleaning pads, paper products, brushes or cleaning compounds. For best results, use a dry micro-fiber cloth to wipe dry.  This will help remove water spots and streaks.


Often times framed mirrors will need some touch up after installation from all of the handling.  To touch up minor dings in the finish of wood stained frames, find a permanent marker of similar color and dab the dings to fill in with the color. Using your thumb or finger, dab over the marked areas to blend the edges. For the painted finishes, bring the mirror to a local paint store and have them mix up a small amount of paint to match.  Using a fine paint brush, dab the dings with the paint.  Using your thumb or finger, dab over the marked areas to blend the edges.

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