Stone Turnaround, Installation & Options

Countertops Done Fast

How long does it take? 

You pay the $250 deposit and we’ll get to your house for measurement within 1 week. After measurement (aka templating) we’ll know what to charge you. We’ll send you an invoice and credit you back the $250. After you pay the installation usually occurs within 10 days. Sometimes we’re backed up to 4 weeks when things get hot!

What can cause delays?

You choose an out-of-stock stone that takes longer for us to bring in. You buy a sink from another vendor and it’s not on-site during measurements. You have a drop in cook top that isn’t on-site during the templater’s visit. 

Those are the most common causes for your countertops to get delayed. But sometimes we break stone or have some issues on our end that also delays projects. 

Who needs to be on-site?

We need a decision maker to be on site during the templating. There are always design questions that need to be answered during the measurement. Please do not leave your 12 year old son to answer those questions. 


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