Kitchen Slab Price Sheet

At B&G we do not charge you per slab. You pay per square foot for only what you use. What you don’t use we turn into bathroom countertops. We’re able to do that because we sell so many vanity tops.

We pride ourselves on how transparent our pricing is. We don’t check your address to charge you more if you have an expensive home. Everyone gets the same price. We use this price sheet to calculate the price of any project that we go measure, fabricate, and install.

With that said, let’s price out your kitchen countertops. These two columns are the main price points. We have nearly 40 colors in stock. If you pick one of those 40 your price is in this column. If one of those 40 doesn’t work for your project, we have another 1000 colors we can bring in. If we need to special order a slab for you, you pay a little bit more and it’s in this column.

Alright suppose you go with the deep blue pearl that’s tier 3, you’ve got 45 square feet. Your price is $3148.20. That includes measuring, fabrication, and installation. For a lot of customers, that’s it, that’s how we calculate your price.

If the project is less than 35 square feet, we have a surcharge that you can add per square foot. There is a 25 square foot minimum so if your project is 20 square feet, you’re going to pay is though it’s 25 square feet and add the surcharge. We do this because we have a bunch of fixed costs. Driving to your home or placing a slab on the saw table takes the same amount of time regardless of whether its 40 square feet or 20 square feet.

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