Vanity Countertop Price Sheet

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At B&G we do not charge you per slab. You pay per lineal inch for only what you use. What you don’t use we turn into other bathroom countertops. We’re able to do that because we sell so many vanity tops.

We pride ourselves on how transparent our pricing is. We don’t check your address or look to see what car you drove to our shop in to charge you more if you have an expensive home or car. Everyone gets the same price. We use this price sheet to calculate the price of any bathroom project that we fabricate.

With that said, let’s price out your bathroom countertops. The first step is selecting your color. We have nearly 60 colors in stock. If you pick one of those 60 your price is in the top row, listed by tier. If one of those 60 doesn’t work for your project, we have another 1000 colors we can bring in. If we need to special order a slab for you, you pay a little bit more and it’s in the next row down, shown as a minimum fee for out-of-stock stones.

Alright suppose you go with the deep blue pearl. That’s a tier 2, you’ve got a 49″ vanity top. Your price for the stone portion is $340.55. Next, you decide if you need any backsplash.  The price for that is located directly underneath the price of the stone slabs.  

After adding on any splash, you select a type of sink. Most undermount sink options are $139.  That cost includes the sink and the fabrication to cut your slab to fit it.  So adding the sink to the $340.55 for the stone, our top is now at $479.55 fo a 49″ 3cm vanity top and sink!

The final step is selecting how many faucet holes you need, and if you want a special edge on your top. Faucet holes are $10 each, and special edges start at $1 /inch.  For a lot of customers, that’s it, that’s how we calculate your price.

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