What are vessel sinks good for?

If you have been shopping for bathroom vanities lately you are probably wondering to yourself “What are vessel sinks good for?” Well over the past decade the vessel sink has steadily risen to be the go to sink option if you need to spice up a vanity. Like most things vessel sinks have pros and cons. They can increase your open countertop space when compared to an undermount sink. If you use a clear vessel it will give the illusion of having even more countertop space in the same way that a frameless glass shower enclosure can make a bathroom seem much larger. However, this increase in countertop space comes with the downside of there being more surface area to collect dust and grime. This is why vessels are a better fit in low traffic bathrooms like powder rooms over high traffic bathrooms like master baths. That’s not to say that a lot of people don’t put vessels in their master baths. It just comes with the responsibility of a little bit more cleaning. A vessel sink will raise the height of a vanity which can be a good thing for taller people and possibly a bad thing for more vertically challenged people. Another benefit to vessels is how much easier it makes creating a vanity top for it to sit on. Instead of having to make a large polished cutout for an undermount sink all you need to do is drill a drain and faucet hole.vessel sink copper denverThis opens up more countertop options for DIYers like concrete, reclaimed wood, etc.  The majority of vessels are made out of glass, stone, porcelain, or metals (mostly copper). This gives prospective buyers a wide range of colors and shapes to choose from. Glass vessels are going to offer the biggest selection of styles. The primary downside with glass vessels is that they tend to show fingerprints and dust. This is more of an issue with the clear vessels while their opaque counterparts will conceal dust for much longer. Stone vessels can be quite beautiful, but they tend to be slightly more expensive. They can be hard to match with other stones unless they are solid colors or at least close to it. Another thing to keep in mind is that stone is porous so you would need to keep your vessel sealed. This would keep the look of the stone for longer and prevent bacteria from residing within it. Porcelain vessels are easy to keep clean and some even sport an overflow drain which is normally a feature that is reserved for undermount sinks. The only real issue with porcelain sinks is that they usually only come in white. Lastly metal vessels have some really unique looks. The copper vessels fit really nicely in rustic style bathrooms. Other than that they sometimes need to be sealed and you will need to clean up mineral build up from the water.

So what are vesstone vessel sink denversel sinks good for? Showing off to guests, raising the height of a vanity, increasing countertop space, increasing your design options, and just looking dang awesome.