Vessel Sink or Undermount?

When it comes to finding the right bathroom sink for you home, Bath & Granite 4 Less has you covered! With the largest selection of vessel sinks and several undermount sink options to choose from Bath & Granite 4 Less has become the local leader in bathroom sinks! Now you just have to decide… Vessel sink or undermount? Below are some pros and cons for each…


Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks are the bread and butter of the bathroom industry. They have a gorgeous look and are very simple in design. Made to be mounted underneath a stone vanity top, an undermount sink eliminates the lip found on normal top mount sinks. This lip is a great place to grow germs and bacteria, so getting rid of it is a definite plus! Not having the lip also allows for easy cleaning of the entire counter surface! They can be used with any faucet your heart desires, making the possibilities endless!


Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are quickly moving up in the ranks. They provide an endless design factor with the thousands of different colors and shapes to choose from. Vessel sinks are made to be more of a focal point in your bathroom, as opposed to undermount sinks that are made to blend in. They are very elegant, and many people still have not seen them, making it a great conversation piece when you have friends over! They can only be used with taller vessel style faucets however, and can be harder for small children to use since they are higher than a standard sink.