Stone of the week: Uba Tuba

We are going to start something new this week.  Showcase a color of granite that we offer here at Bath & Granite 4 Less, and explain a little bit about where this beautiful color derives from.  The color Uba Tuba sometimes and often does have many different names- depending on who the seller is and how they see in their own eyes.

uba tuba granite information
uba tuba granite

Other common names for this color of granite can be:

Verde Uba Tuba, Bahia Green, Labrador Green, Emerald Green granite and Ooba Tooba. There are several other names that can be associated with this kind of material, but these are the main ones.


The main materials that form Uba Tuba are Quartz and Mica.  In this particular color option you can find small garnets of stone that were created under very high temperatures and pressure conditions. When this igneous rock is in its liquid, hot molten state, it pushes up from the inner layers of the planet and hardens into its solid rock form. 

Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of Uba Tuba is made up of silicon, oxygen, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and iron. The composition with percentages are SiO2 at 56.11 percent, Al2O3 at 18.99 percent, CaO at 4.31 percent, MgO at 1.22 percent, Na2O at 6.68 percent, K2O at 4.94 percent and FeO at 4.78 percent.  These figures were given to us through a database, so they could be slightly different depending on where the granite derived from.


Most Uba Tuba is found in different shades of medium to dark green. You also can find it in brown or black as well.  This stone offers veins of color, flecks of gold, white or brown run throughout, blending perfectly for a beautiful shine. The coloring of this type of stone may seem to change colors in different lighting, but this appearance is due to the light refraction capabilities of the stone.

That wraps up the latest edition of Stone of the week, until next week!