Spring Has Sprung… Hopefully not a hole in your wallet

My favorite time of year is spring for certain.  On top of the yearly renewal of the natural world, it is also the time of year for lots of new stuff.  Be it household related or sporting goods I usually spend some money around now.  This year I am looking for a new golf bag for one thing.  The big question is where to get a really good deal on one.  I know there has got to be lots of places to get slightly used bags cheap as well as clearance deals on last year’s models.

My Dad’s golf days are just about over, but he was an avid golfer for about 40 years.  He would buy a new club or two at least once a year and a bag about every 2 or 3 years.  You can imagine that over a 6 year period he would accumulate a lot of golf stuff.  He may not be like everyone else, but avid golfers like to get new, up to date equipment on a semi regular basis.  My Dad would always give his older golf stuff to someone who was starting out, to help them get going.  I do know that there are lots of people who put their used gear on Craigslist, in a consignment shop or in used sporting goods stores.  The used stuff is definitely out there.

Deals on new gear are also there for the taking.  New models come out every year and over-runs from last year saturate the web.  Resources like Ebay, Overstock.com, Amazon and many others have great pricing on everything you need for golf.

Obviously I am no golf pro.  So for me, buying a club or bag that is a year or two old means little to me.  So I will be found soon searching the web for a bag that fits my budget and limited style.