Coasting into Christmas, Granite Style.

-Feeling stuck on ideas on what to get a family or friend for Christmas this year? I certainly did.  I than did some hard thinking and found something very easy to make, and quite affordable!  I will be making granite drink coasters using our 12×12″ tiles we have in stock at our warehouse here in Denver.  I will be going through the process a little bit so you’re informed on how to create this awesome gift idea.








To complete a set of coasters you will need the following materials and tools:

1.  A granite/ Tile wet saw.  It does not have to be a big expensive one.  A small 12″ saw that cycles water through the blade is sufficient.  If you do not have one- using a grinder and a spray bottle can get the job done as well.

2.  A Grinder with at least 3 polishing pads.  This is to clean the cuts you made around your tiles to get a nice clean square polished edge.

3.  A large cork piece to cut for the bottom of the coaster, or you can use rubber.  Something to be glued to the bottom so the granite does not scratch the surface it sits on.

4. Super Glue.  This is solely used to glue the cork or rubber to the bottom of the tile.  Since the tile is unfinished on the underside the stock glue on the cork would wear off quickly and fall off.

5. Some Twine or other wrapping material to secure 4 or more coasters together neatly.

6.  Different colored 12 x12″ granite tiles

Now that you have all your materials, and tools set up it is time to cut your granite tiles into coasters.  If you’re using 12×12’s simply measure a line down the middle of each side, creating  4 sections on the tile to cut.  Turn on your saw- making sure the water mechanism is working properly and make your cuts.  You should make these cuts slowly to prevent any chipping to happen along the polished face of your granite.  Once you have finished cutting, and have 4 smaller pieces of granite, it is time to get out the grinder and start polishing the sides you cut to make them a more rounded square edge.  Rough cut granite is sharp, so I do not recommend giving your new coasters as gifts without this step.  It really adds a nice finishing touch when all the edges are rounded off and polished.  After the polishing the final touches consists of adding your cork or rubber base to the bottom of the tiles, and securing the bases with a super glue compound.  The rough backside of granite is slightly dusty by nature and does make standard glue on those corks less sticky and will fall off in time.  Lastly, put a bundle of tiles together and make a nice knot to keep them all together.  VUALA! You have a very inexpensive- do it yourself, hand made gift for family and friends or for your own home!

You can find awesome deals on our 12×12 granite in our showroom, starting at $2.99 per tile so come on in, check out the color selection and create your thoughtful gift today!