Positively Prefect Pallet Projects & Coveted Creative Crate Conversion

                     Positively Prefect Pallet Projects & Coveted Creative Crate Conversion                                                              Brought to you by alliteration and the number 4    Hawk- Blog2-01   As you can see in the picture above, here at Bath and Granite 4 less we accumulate a rather large amount of crates and pallets throughout the year. Living in the era of sustainability we just can’t toss out all that wood, our solution? Offer it up to you, the people…  for DIY Projects!

Below are a few of the absolutely amazing aftermarket artistic accomplishments achieved with post production pallets. See something you like, something you might want have in your home?  Come visits us at Bath and Granite 4 less, grab some free wood and try it yourself.

Here we have a really cool free standing hut creation, that would be the perfect place to catch some shade and read a book in your backyard.  Mount it on casters and it’s a mobile shade solution.      


These pallet furniture solutions Below are cheap, effective and add allot of character and visual interested in your living space. Add a little granite or quartz to your table top for a multi-material contemporary look.

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Pallet future is easy to use, easy to make, easy to paint and best of all if you don’t like what you made, take it apart and make something else. Pallets are the Legos of Furniture! Checkout a few of these outdoor patio pallet furniture ideas, for you more ambitious builders…



Pallets are a fun way to practice sustainability and look great. If you have the time we invite you to come down, pick up some wood and try it yourself.  We have shown a small sample of what’s possible, but don’t let that limit your scope, pallet projects are the perfect medium for a crafty individual. The woods free try it out for yourself and send us what you create.