Hey guys, my name is Phill Merritt. I started working in our fabrication room polishing stone about 4 months ago after being turned down for a sales job in the showroom. Turns out my soft suburban upbringing didn’t quite prepare me for that job. I was capable of doing the work, but it was the first job I’ve ever had that I didn’t do well at.

In a stone fabrication shop there’s a delicate balance between the quality of work you are producing and how fast you are producing it. Most people could probably manage to do a solid polish job on a sink cutout after a couple weeks of practice, but a lot of them would take forever to do it. After you learn how to polish you will be constantly trying to reduce the time it takes you to complete certain tasks while maintaining the same level of quality. This dynamic caused a lot of my failings as a fabricator and in turn gave me a great sense of admiration for what good fabricators do.

Well anyways, before my lack of efficiency ever became too big of an issue one of our sales positions opened up again and it was offered to me. Seeing as how that was the job I initially applied for I took it without a moment’s notice and now here I am doing nice and clean work like blog writing.