Granite Spotlight: Black Galaxy Granite

Have you ever looked up into the eternal abyss that is the night sky and drifted off into a land of wonder? Have you wanted to have that same effect within your home? With Black Galaxy Granite, you are able to accomplish that with the greatest of ease.First thing first, Black Galaxy is actually a black gabbro and not a true granite according to geologists. Even though the minerals that make up granite and gabbro are almost identical, the gabbro is formed in the oceanic crust and granite is formed in the continental crust. But if you go to any distributor of granite and quartz, it will be considered a granite. The main area that it is found is in South India especially in the Andhra Padesh region. It is usually a fine to medium grained stone.
black galaxy granite
Black Galaxy is a great color option for counter tops. It is one of the few colors that is actually black all the way through. The golden/ yellow sparkling broncite scales give a great contrast of light and dark in a very simple fashion but pops like a starry night in Vincent Van Gogh mind. If you have lighter cabinets,like a white or a natural, then the Black Galaxy will look amazing. It is also a great option to have as an accent tile in a shower or as a backsplash.
It doesn’t matter how you use Black Galaxy in your home, you will be ecstatic with the final outcome.  It will have a great polish to it as well. Stop by our showroom and take a look at your  next countertop.