Bug Spray. More than just a Repellant

It is quite amazing how chemicals have more than one use in today’s world. Specifically with this article- I am going to show you how you can use any household bug spray to amend a foggy headlight, and to fix those pesky rock chips in your windshield!



Over time, our car’s headlights become dull and even can carry a yellow hue to them.  This is mostly from the atmosphere, dust, moisture, or any nasty sludge that has built up over the years of driving around the city.  Well you can certainly go buy an expensive remedy at your local auto store, but why not use what we already have in our home anyways; BUG SPRAY.  Believe it or not, the chemicals in bug spray actually fix up this “fog” on your headlights more efficiently and more cost effective than purchasing a product intended for this purpose!

House hold OFF brand bug spray
Household “OFF” brand bug spray

At first you’re probably thinking, why on earth would I put bug spray on my car?!  SCIENCE.  The bug spray acts as a solvent to rid your headlights of any oxidation and grime build up and the oils fill in any pits from worn headlight fixtures.  I would have to say after applying this to my own car, it definitely works! Here is a video on this amazingly cheap technique to get your headlights looking like new!

Before and After using the bug spray method
Before and After using the bug spray method


Click on link below for a video presentation on how to restore your headlights!

Headlight Restoration using household Bug Spray


Have you ever been driving down the interstate and all of a sudden a semi truck is next to you flying rocks and god knows what at your car?  Well it sure has happened to me before, and getting these issues fixed can be costly. I have a solution to this obnoxious issue, using you guessed it; bug spray.  Here are the items you would need to get started.

1. Any household bug spray- preferably OFF or DEET.

2. Rubbing Alcohol

3.  Salt

4.  Water

First start by adding a couple tablespoons of each ingredient to an old pot or pan. This does not have to be exact, but you also do not want to waste chemicals.  Give this mix a good stir and using a foam brush apply a thin layer to the crack or chip.  Let this sit for about an hour and check on how it is drying, but overall you will want this to set up close to 2 hours time.  Check your cracked windshield, and see the results appear!  I have provided a short video of a man going through these steps in case you’re a visual learner.  Enjoy and happy cleaning!

Repair a cracked Windshield with household products


Please be careful when dealing with chemicals, always wear gloves and be sure not to get anything on your paint!