3 ways to take my bathroom remodel to the next level (and 1 way to ruin it)

There is a magic number for remodels, and that number is 3. When gutting for a bathroom remodel, chances are there are three main areas to focus on. There’s a vanity with a sink, mirror, lighting. In the other corner is the tub/shower, and toilet. Thirdly, there is the tile, decor, and general aesthetic. Likewise, there are 3 ways to take this remodel project from zero to hero, magazine quality, lifestyles of the rich and famous, and everything can be accomplished on your own.

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1. Create a mood board. A great way to find inspiration is to cut up and collage design magazines. Or log onto Pinterest. Create a board and start pinning the millions of photos for inspiration. There’s going to be multiple styles and places to pull inspiration from, trusting in the instincts here. Figure out the design styles and begin thinking about how to start implementing them. While dreaming of the ideal set up, begin thinking about budget, how much moolah is this going to cost?

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2. Before buying, find the suppliers and know their lead times. Ideally, a 1 or 2 day install is what us weekend warriors shoot for. Don’t drag it out by not paying attention to the weeks of lead time each company has to deliver those dream products.

3. Pay attention to the details. Once there’s a plan, budget, and timeline, see if there are any other little things that can be added to bring everything together? Is there a soap dispenser to match the faucet and hardware? Are there matching cabinets for storage? The little touches are the ones that will make the most difference.

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And there it is. A fresh bathroom for family and friends to enjoy a little tranquility. But there is one way to take that vision and end up disappointed in the end result. This is the bane of every DIY-ers existence, but not many realize it as a threat: Cutting corners.

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It’s easy to remove some details, save a few bucks, hire contractors based on price alone. BE AFRAID! BE VERY AFRAID! This is a sure fire way to a humdrum, basic, plain, and disappointing bathroom. Hiring the help based solely on price is a good way to find contractors who may or may not really know what they’re doing, and who may or may not end up being more expensive to fix their shoddy plumbing that it would to hire an insured and vouched for services.

Making a mistake in purchasing the wrong color or style of something is one thing. Resist the urge to spend more money changing your other items and purchases. This will only compound the mistake and in your mind’s eye, and you will always see these decisions as mistakes. Instead, ask two questions: 1.) Can I live with it? 2.) Is it worth it to return/replace the mistake and spend the extra money?