Ilva Porcelain Tile in Denver Colorado

Acting grant we started carrying tile for the floors and walls and the brand we choose is ill. When choosing the brand we looked at a lot of different things. The first one being most important as color and aesthetics so when it comes to color all porcelain tile as a solid undertone before they give it an image color tiles. The undertone is going to be greenish so there are white marble looking tile will always have a very slight green hue to it with Spanish and Mexican tile. There’s always a reddish pinkish cube to the undertook with Silva. It’s one and white is what we generally use for matching in the U.S. so when we’re looking Gray’s a white hundred times makes a big difference. You don’t see that hint of green now the next thing we’re looking at is the image force on tile gets an image printed on top when you look at a less expensive tile big-box stores.

The resolution of the image is about half of what you’ll find out that means ill the tile looks like a natural wood. It looks like natural marble it’s hard to distinguish it from the real stuff but you get all the advantages of course, so all of these tiles are about 30 times harder than marble. For example despite looking like marble they’re also all been tested to be slip-resistant so you can use it safely in any floor without worrying about the next reason we picked. Elbow is their manufacturing technology now this is parts important for all udi wires they were done at I’ll project and you think everything’s perfect but then you look at it grout lines just write this fitness throughout. It probably wasn’t your fault what happened was the tile manufacturer didnt calibrate all the tiles to be the exact same size there’s a little bit of variation in every tile size they usually get in a big box store. Now with these guys will calibrate every single piece of it to the millimeter. It’s the exact same size if you’ve got a straight line you’re gonna have a straight line it’s not gonna look you don’t have those different thicknesses so it’s really important for di wires especially if you have a lot of experience install tile.

If you do you’re just gonna be able to knock this out faster. The other thing we like about him is there a little bit thicker than what you find a big box stores that means you’re gonna have less breakage during install, less breakage transportation and most importantly less breakage when someone’s actually walking rolling something heavy over it. Some woman and high heel long crack your time really stuff the likelihood of that happening is significantly less now lastly. The really cool thing about it is there’s a micro bevel on the edge of every single tile a tiny little better and it’s really important for installation because when you do have ever so slightly image the micro bevel really reflects the force of when someone runs up on that means your tiles are less likely to chip after they’ve been installed and your installation should look nicer. If you are using a tile without the microbubble so to recap these tiles will slip resistant they look beautiful and they’re more functional easier install for do yeah.

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